Service Days

We've had many plans to celebrate the Bicentennial Year of the Archdiocese with service. Unfortunately, covid-19 has altered many of those plans. Originally, we planned a fun 10.10.2020 event, which turned into a 4.17.2021 event,. Since the Archdiocese of Cincinnati changed their plans to celebrate 2021-2022,we have now finalized our date: Saturday, October 9th, 2021

As the Cincinnati Archdiocese makes plans to celebrate its bicentennial in 2021, the Women’s
and Men’s Religious Communities of the Archdiocese are restructuring their plans in light of the
COVID-19 reality and the interruptions we are experiencing. For this fall, the planned
10.10.2020 outreach will serve as a ‘warm-up’ to more significant Archdiocesan-wide service
projects in the spring, happening on Saturday, April 17, 2021. Mark your calendars now!

The theme of our service days is "Welcome New Neighbors." While many of the service ideas below focus on immigration, we invite you to participate in any way that builds community and promotes love of our neighbor! 

A one-page description of the event with contact information

Potential organizations in need of service, by region

A page to download posters, flyers and social graphics

Small projects to prepare for our larger service day

A very brief outline of 10.10.2020 preprations

Submit your project online to share ideas with others!

A variety of ideas for groups or individuals of all ages

Answers to a few frequently asked questions.

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